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Evenings - "Yore" [Album]

I know a lot of people who probably didn't sleep very well last night, myself included, heads still spinning from events that unfolded yesterday. I've known for a couple months now that I was planning to post this LP when it officially released, but today, when being lulled into a sense of zen tranquility is pretty much all that I could ask for from anything, it seems even more fitting than I could have anticipated. It feels weird to bring these things up at all -- I don't usually get very personal in my writings here, because let's be honest, you probably don't really care about my feelings -- but it would feel just as weird to not mention the context surrounding me as I write this.

While it's tempting to pull an Aldous Huxley and self-medicate with soma (and probably a lot more wine), my chosen treatment for this morning is Virginia-based producer Evenings (a.k.a. Nathan Broaddus), whose sound (gently) coaxes airy feelings and fresh starts. As the freshest signing to Los Angeles-based Friends of Friends (first featured on their Show Me the Future compilation earlier this year), Evenings' introspective, playful album Yore features a combination of new songs and re-mastered cuts from his earlier North Dorm EP and Lately LP, as well as two remixes from Munno and Shigeto

You can purchase Yore today on Bandcamp.

As an aside, Evenings did a recent FADER mix:





  • Friends of Friends
  • April 16, 2013
Ambient · Electronic · Experimental


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