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ChromadaData - 00010111 [EP]

Ian Jones, a.k.a. ChromadaData, represents Kansas City, Missouri. Over the years, he has released numerous EPs and other material. To put it in a metaphorical sense, it's like walking through a giant aisle of smoothies. This giant aisle has all sorts of smoothies and flavors. Their textures range from super smooth to chunky and filled with fruit. Who's responsible for all of this? ChromadaData is the provider, the seller of said smoothies. His products glisten over styles from trip-hop to bossanova to experimental electronic, though each individual tune has a distinct ChromadaData flavor.

His most recent blends revert to his classic mixture of electronic exploration and traditional beats. 00010111 is his latest EP which was released on April 15. The EP hosts six healthy songs that will tickle your ear drums with unorthodox beat timings, glitches, and a plethora of electronic effects. "BrknDwn" is a prime example of what ChromadaData is really made of. Seemingly eclectic sounds and effects pull together and revolve around a spastic beat that ties everything together under one cohesive whole. He also has the ability to downshift his work into a suave low-rider, such as "Special Blend". Fans of ChromadaData will find a refreshing familiarity within 00010111 to his earlier work. I strongly urge you to browse through his other EPs and singles. This particular EP only demonstrates his style, but doesn't define him and his full scope of his abilities. 

Play: ChromadaData - BrknDwn

Play: ChromadaData - SpecialBlend          


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