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Bibio - Silver Wilkinson [Album Preview]

UK-bred producer Bibio breaks two years of silence with news of his forthcoming release, Silver Wilkinson. For those of us whose minds are in need of refreshing, the last we heard from the versatile musician was Mind Bokeh in 2011, which we can safely say was a bit more folksy than it was your traditional variety of electronic chopped samplings. But Bibio being Bibio, it was still very much a smorgasbord of slightly off-kilter sounds, colors and vocals--something our ears have made quite a home for.

Warp Records offers a peek into what's to come on Silver Wilkinson, a play off his birth name (Stephen Wilkinson). And from what we can hear, the new album appears to be something of a self-combustion as the preview has all the trappings of his best pop and synth-funk-electronic work to date but we know once we listen to the final product in its entirety, it'll explode into a million glittering pieces, just as we might have suspected it would. No track will sound remotely similar to anything else on the new album moreover anything he's ever produced in his eight year career. It's the most defining aspect of Bibio's music: the fact that he's remained so cooly unclassifiable for this long. Silver Wilkinson is out May 14 on Warp Records.



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