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Ancient Astronauts - "Break My Heart In 2"

Representing Cologne, Germany, Ancient Astronauts have recently re-entered Earth's stratosphere. They have made a name for themselves through their countless collaborations and addicting style. Even though they have only two official releases, they pick up the slack in remixes, live mixes, and compilations.

Ancient Astronauts are most noted for their highly addictive beats, such as the futuristic vintage-sounding Into Bass And Time, released back in 2011. However, just recently, they dropped a new single called "Break My Heart In 2". This particular track really speaks to their futuristic vintage persona, which is always coupled with hip-hop and downtempo aspects.

"Break My Heart In 2" launches with some lo-fi brass, then the brunt of the tune shimmies its way into our ears with looped female vocals. This particular tune takes a slight mood departure compared to Into Bass And Time. Instead of overcast gray and gloomy feels, the song expresses an uplifting and festive tone. It's the type of track you may find suitable for that modern throwback cocktail party that is oozing with classiness. Stream below to get the dip. 

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