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The Melker Project - Skeetwood Mac [EP Premiere]

When it comes to mashups, it's easy for quality mashes to become lost in the EDM over-saturation that seems to plague the mashup genre. Too many artists rely on the formula of pairing top 40 vocals with the popular EDM track of the moment. It's happened with Swedish House Mafia's "Save The World", Skrillex was used nearly to death, Zedd's "Clarity" seems to be the choice as of now, and the list goes on. However, out of this bedlam of electronic mashups comes The Melker Project who has made a conscious effort to break away from the norm. Scott Melker, the mastermind behind The Melker Project, presents us with Skeetwood Mac; an EP tribute to the timeless classics given to us by Fleetwood Mac.

Consisting of 5 tracks, Melker puts a present-day hip-hop spin on Fleetwood tracks such as "Dreams", "Rhiannon", and more by coupling them with artists like RihannaCiara, Jay-Z, and others. Personally, I remember hearing "Dreams" courtesy of my father but to hear Ciara's "Ride" blended ever so carefully into the melody is refreshing. My favorite, however, has to be "Feelin' The Landslide". With the easily identifiable vocal swagger of Jay-Z, Fleetwood's "Landslide" takes on more potent feeling than the relaxed nature of the original.

As stated by Melker, "Most remixers and mashup artists focus solely on what is “hot” now – you know, pop songs and EDM 'hits.' The Melker Project wanted to buck the trend and introduce mashup fans to some of the timeless classics that often go untouched in remix culture". Well if by bucking the trend, he creates bona-fide modern mashup classics such as these, then I say keep on bucking. Luckily, Skeetwood Mac is the first in a series of EPs that focuses on a different classic artist that will transport you back in the day, but that will still have you grounded in modernity.

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Download Skeetwood Mac here

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