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Hey Marseilles - "Bright Stars Burning"

Interested in the likes of orchestral-folk with a pop flair? If yes is the answer, you need to check out Hey Marseilles' new song "Bright Stars Burning", as it stands out in the excess of folk-pop that has been put out within the past few years.What gives Marseilles their unique sound is their ability to layer elements on top of each other without losing focus, and being able to drop down to a single layer while maintaining their drive in the process. Also, Mark Bishops' journeying lyrics are easy to relate to: "If we never meant to make it from the start then why'd we ever mean to try?"

The Seattle-based band began as a duo of University of Washington students in 2006. Since then, they have increased their numbers to become a sextet, granting them the ability to create their distinctive sound. They achieve their folkestra (folk-orchestra) sound in "Bright Stars Burning" by fusing cello, viola, piano, guitar and drum tracks. They initially released 2008's acclaimed To Travels and Trunks independently, later being re-released in 2010, and have wrapped up their sophomore album, Lines We Trace, due out March 5 via Onto Entertainment/Thirty Tigers

Take a listen and download "Bright Stars Burning" below, followed by highlights of their older material.

Download: Hey Marseilles - Bright Stars Burning

Download: Hey Marseilles - Looking Back

You can also download "Bright Stars Burning", due out February 5 from NPR, here, or their entire Fuel/Friends Chapel Session, containing "Looking Back", on their website below.

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8 years ago

The lyricist and lead singer's name is Matt Bishop, not Mark. But the part about the brilliance of the music is correct.

8 years ago

I took one these guys' sister out for a beer one time.