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Frenic - "Deep Secrets"

Sam Fergusson, a.k.a. Frenic, is a rising beatstrumentalist from the UK. With an affinity to old school and retro sounds, he creates emotionally moving medley of sounds that can range from hip hop to funk. Early in his career, he was drawn to the sounds and beats of hip hop and d'n'b in which he used quite frequently in his early sets at dance parties and raves. 16 years later he is considered one of the best and sought-after party DJs from the U.K. Frenic is not that typical groove-loop type of producer. He likes to keep his work dynamic and fresh at all times, which is quite apparent when jumping from EP to EP, album to album. In recent times, he has steered his work towards downtempo and trip-hop. His latest EP, Mongolia, which dropped in September, showcases his creativity in taking inspiration from not only the many styles of music, but taking inspiration from different cultures as well. His willingness to step outside of his sound that he built upon is the mark of a great producer. His latest lacing is "Deep Secrets".

This particular track draws upon the interpretations and reports made from Alex Grey's paintings, as well as Grey's experiences on DMT (a psychedelic drug). Frenic extracts extended samples from audio clips that are full of description and colorful diction while layering majestic strings and a powerful, head-nodder of a beat in the background. Frenic also incorporates ambient breaks during the recordings. He uses these calming breaks to make for a wonderful re-introduction of the bass kicks and snare. He keeps the "Deep Secrets" dynamic by having multiple elements enter and exit without you noticing, at least the first time. From whether it is Oriental influenced strings or disc scratching, Frenic will always deliver. 

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Nigel Hutchinson
8 years ago

Strikingly similar to earlier DJ Shadow productions.