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Introducing: Wired To Follow

Wired To Follow is a newly formed four-member ambient and post-rock band based in Liverpool, England. Just how new are they? Their debut track was released into the wild a week ago on November 16. Their career-starting song is called "I Wish I Could Talk in Technicolor", and is quite the epic and moving piece. It's an eight and half minute ambient song that slowly transitions into a post-rock form in the latter half of the tune. Typically, the first few songs any producer, artist, or band releases usually has the ability to implicate future success and subsequent hype for their first EP or album. By my standards, Wired To Follow's first track hits the spot. They've harmoniously married ambiant with post-rock yielding extremely powerful and potent songs that can seriously stir your disposition. Not just any band can do it, especially without the vocals to convey imagery or emotions. Thees lads, however, have something promising in the making.


Ambient · Post-Rock


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