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Calvin Harris & Nicky Romero - "Iron" [Remixes]

As if the original wasn't enough, "Iron" returns with two heavy-hitting remixes from the known-and-loved artists Dyro and Tony Romera. Both the Dutch and the Frenchman don't stray too far from the original, keeping its house roots and strong vocals; however, each remix still imparts a sense of each artist's individuality. Dyro answers with a track that ups the grind factor by about 300%, bringing a grittier, darker feel to the song. Conversely, Romera's shining moment comes from a genius break, where all the noise makes way for this syncopated staccato mid layered over the bass. Not really sure you could ask for better remixes of a song that currently sits at number 5 on the Beatport top 100. The original may just have to watch its back...

Stream:Nicky Romero & Calvin Harris - Iron (Tony Romera Remix)

Stream:Nicky Romero & Calvin Harris - Iron (Dyro Remix)



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  • Two great remixes of an awesome track! Dyro killing it as always. Calvin's whole album 18 Months has got me rocking like these tracks. We need more remixes!

    Avatar MikeSMCMR November 12, 2012 9:45 AM Reply

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