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The Sneekers - Klick-Tape 2012 [Mix]

It's been a while since we have posted anything about Evaldas and Karolis from Lithuania, who are DJing and producing under the pseudonym The Sneekers. But now it is time to present their new "Klick-Tape" that includes all their latest and some upcoming releases on various labels. They started their project in 2009 and quickly released the Aerobic EP on Television Rocks Records, which already was supported by Zombie Nation and many more. In 2011, they started producing for the German label GND Records and their debut EP for it -- Poly Poly -- was a massive success that gathered a lot of attention. The second and third EP followed earlier this year, as well as two remix releases. After the Teddy EP, The Sneekers published on several other labels such as U&A Recordings, Cheaper Thrill and Mason's label Animal Language.

In the face of this astonishing productivity, one could think that they cannot keep up their high level of musical quality -- but it is the complete opposite in this case. In the last year, the two Lithuanian producers brought their own and unmistakable style to perfection. If you need proof, listen to their new mixtape, containing a lot of new and unreleased material (with their remix for Vakkuum's "Sonar" being my favorite). Just like their own sound, the tape does not fit into a certain genre. It starts with disco sounds and goes through house, electro and techno. This versatility and the beautiful transitions are the reasons why we enjoy all their tapes a lot.

 [soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/59005855"]

01. Jan Driver - Peaker [Boys Noize Records]
02. Surrender - S_M_A_S_H (Blende Remix) [La Bombe]
03. Surkin feat. Bobmo - Harry (Strip Steve Remix) [Marble]
04. The Sneekers - Klick Trak [U&A Recordings]
05. The Sneekers - G.A.S. (Alex Gopher Remix) [GND Records]
06. D.I.M. - Dragon [Boys Noize Records]
07. Shinichi Owasa & Paul Chambers - Singapore Madness (The Sneekers Remix) [GND Records]
08. Style Of Eye - Ray Dee Oh [Fool's Gold Records]
09. The Presets - Youth In Trouble (The Finger Prince & Light Year Remix) [Modular]
10. Vakkuum - Sonar (The Sneekers Remix) [La Bombe]
11. Luke Walker - This Moment [Gung Ho! Recordings]
12. Addison Groove - Manic Miner [Monkeytown Records]
13. Justin Martin - Ruff Stuff [dirtybird]
14. Elektropusher - Mood Gorning (The Sneekers Remix) [Cheaper Thrills]
15. Dog Blood - Next Order [Boys Noize Records]
16. Herve - Gnarly (The Sneekers Remix) [Cheap Thrills]
17. Turbo Turbo - Lamborghini [GND Records]
18. Nick Olivetti - Jump Up [dirtybird]

If you cannot get enough of The Sneekers you can listen to another mixtape right here and here or you buy the name-giving track of this tape "Klick Track" which they produced exclusively for the Lights Em Up compilation by the Loops of Fury on U&A.

Dance · Electro · Electronic · House · Techno


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Antonio Torres
8 years ago

Such a good mix! so so so good!