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El Ten Eleven - "Yellow Bridges" [Video]

I nearly drooled on myself when El Ten Eleven started showing a lot of recent activity. Slowly but surely, they had been releasing teasers and singles which only pointed to their upcoming album Transitions, due to be out on November 6. El Ten Eleven is an LA-based duo that can be characterized as a type of post-rock band, but their execution and the way they compose their tracks sway them in a different direction. Known for using double-neck guitars/bass and electric/acoustic drumming, they are also masters of looping and effects using pedals. A majority of the tracks they make revolve around the premise of looping. One of their recent works, "Yellow Bridges", best exemplifies their current path and their latest execution techniques. If you haven't listened to it yet, it's an energetic song that you can't help but air drum and air guitar to. It has phenomenal loop and effects layering, making "Yellow Bridges" an extremely dynamic tune, especially with tempo changes that keep you on your toes.  

And just recently, they released an official music video to go with this rockin' tune. The video itself is quite intriguing and mesmerizing. The whole video is a shot of computer-rendered branches and sections of trees contorting and rotating to form some geometric yet organic pattern. It's a beautiful and fitting video for "Yellow Bridges". It's not too often an instrumental band like El Ten Eleven produces a music video to complement their tracks, which already have plenty of depth to begin with. But enough with the fruitless chit-chat, check it out below and be sure to stream the full song since they had to truncate it for the video.

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/55613786" iframe="true" /]

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