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Chris Lake & Lazy Rich – "Stand Alone" (Feat. Jareth) (Original Mix)

Chris Lake and Lazy Rich make an interesting combination, considering that each artist normally produces tracks that typify their respective genres. British veteran Chris Lake’s classics, like “Only One” and “Carry Me Away,” demonstrate his tech / progressive house style with slow, round builds and a heavy reliance on vocals.  Conversely, the UK native Lazy Rich (who now lives in Canada) normally goes straight for the electro house kill, striking hard with overwhelming bass and massive grinds. Together they have created “Stand Alone” feat. Jareth, a track that showcases their prodigious skill and contrasting styles of music. Warm chords carry the song along until bursts of gritty noise tear the melody apart and take the tune in a completely different direction. Similarly Jareth’s twangy vocals sing with attitude at first, but break into a soft and powerful ballade during the middle. After such a powerful collaboration I can only hope more is to come.

Stream:Chris Lake & Lazy Rich feat. Jareth – Stand Alone (Original Mix)



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