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Usher - "Scream" (R3hab Remix)

R3hab has swiftly established himself as not only a talented producer, but one who has a knack for exploring beyond his home genre and style. The Dutch producer has expanded his range beyond the powerful chainsaw-heavy beats that earned him the respect he deserves to everything from progressive house melodies to pop remixes. His experimentation has been interesting to follow and has left a lot of great music in its wake. His most recent release, a remix of Usher's "Scream" is yet another demonstration of the fact that R3hab has talent that spans farther than most. Using a more classic electro house sound and structure, he elevates "Scream" to be full on head banger.

Stream:Usher - Scream (R3hab Club Mix)

A well rounded remix pack is always great to come across, and Usher's "Scream" is one of those. Check out the whole pack of remixes of Usher's "Scream", featuring heavy hitters Pierce Fulton and Project 46 to name a few. Each track has its own spin on the original, with updates that are both uplifting and chilled out.

Stream:Usher - Scream (Wax Motif Club Mix)

Stream:Usher - Scream (Project 46 Club Mix)

Stream:Usher - Scream (Pierce Fulton Club Mix)

Electro · Progressive


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