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Santigold – "The Keepers" [Video]

With her newest single "The Keepers" off her new album, Master of My Make-BelieveSantigold offers viewers an overt societal critique which now has an appropriate surreal visual accompaniment. The video which is describes as a "green tinted social critique set to a highly danceable beat" is chock-full of symbolic imagery. 

The song's chorus, "We're the keepers, while we sleep in America, our house is burning down" is quite telling of the song's overt message of society's complacent and indifferent reaction to the decaying state of our nation.

Santi is never one to phone it in when it comes to her videos. With a cast of colorful, albeit incongruous characters ranging from a bloodied milkman, a mysterious gun-toting hit squad led byGZA and a blond-haired suburban family feasting on glowing radioactive food, the self-directed video is surely ripe for critical analysis and several attentive replays.

Released May 1, Santi's sophomore effort has been met with near universal critical acclaim and has already topped the Billboard dance/electronic charts in the States (a first for Santigold) and currently is sitting comfortably at number eight behind Nero's Welcome Reality.

Master of My Make-Believe, available now via Atlantic Records on iTunes.



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