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Flosstradamus - "Lana's Theme"

Flosstradamus just released a new track, "Lana's Theme", and it is undoubtedly hot. They've taken Lana Del Ray's "Video Games" and added a sexy compilation of trappy bass beat. They've taken the track to an entirely new level, underlying slowed-down moombahton/danceable feel. "Lana's Theme" is a catchy rendition of the original song, and showcases Flosstradamus' talent for evolving an original track into one of their own. This is the perfect track to accompany you while you kick back, light up, and fade out.

Flosstradamus is a production duo (J2K & Autobot to be specific) that began in Chicago around six years ago. Their fanbase has grown as they continually release tracks that defy most of what listener's would anticipate hearing when they hit play. They turned ears with their take on Major Lazer's "Original Don", and this newest track really paves the way for success as producers. With original track releases and new remixes in line for release throughout the rest of 2012, we plan on keeping our eyes and ears on this duo in the future. 

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