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L-Vis 1990 - Club Constructions Vol. 1

Night Slugs, founded by L-Vis 1990 and Bok Bok in 2008, presents their first volume of Club Constructions which will operate alongside main EPs and white label series. It's a new home for the most direct productions, Club Constructions will run as a channel for raw and tracky material aimed straight for the dance floor. The first volume comes from L-Vis 1990. Hot on the heels of his Neon Dreams LP, L-Vis 1990 dives further into the house music whirlpool, drawing on classic Dance Mania and Underground Construction vibes (think Robert Armani building trax for 2012) to deliver 5 tape-saturated, strictly analog slices of modern-day ghetto hard house. Strictly for peak time use! In other words, those five tracks are guaranteed to set the club on fire. The whole EP is available as a digital download and for the vinyl fans on 12".

(NSCC001) Night Slugs: L-Vis 1990 - Club Constructions Vol. 1

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Dance · Electro · Electronic · Techno


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