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Hawthorne Headhunters - "If You Were My Baby" [Video]

Hawthorne Headhunters, one of the many great acts on Plug Research's talent-packed roster, made quite an official introduction to the music world with their debut LP Myriad of Now. The LA based duo returns with the another set of visuals from Myriad of Now. One of my favorite cuts from the album "If You Were My Baby",is the latest song off the album to receive the visual treatment.

Black Spade and Coultrain pulled double duty and hopped behind the camera to direct their latest video. The vid features a nice storyline, which I won't give away so as to force you to watch and see it for yourself. However, I will add that the vid gets real funky and poetic around the three-minute mark. Watch the vid and follow the link (posted below) to stream Myriad of Now.



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