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Renard - "Intensive Care Unit" (Forekast Sunset's Remix)

Renard is praised for his quick, electronic tunes that draw heavily upon 8-bit sounds that you could probably hear on old video game consoles. Today, I bring you a remixed track of Renard's "Intensive Care Unit." The original song has a much heavier feel, thanks to the pulsating synths and bass. Throughout the song is his characteristic 8-bit loops that he brands in throughout his work. Forekast totally reimagined "Intensive Care Unit." Forekast slows the tempo down significantly and scraps the 8-bit effects. He then introduces lighter synth work and less of a back-breaking beat. The finished product is a cleaner, more upbeat track than compared to the original. It has a sense of 'chill' to it, though Forekast gives the track a fast enough tempo to get you moving around.  I also strongly encourage you to listen to the original as well. It's no push over.

      Intensive Care Unit (Forekasts Sunset Remix)
Download: Renard - Intensive Care Unit (Forekast's Sunset Remix)



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