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Evil Needle - "Warp Drive"

About six years ago, I touched down in the great city of Shanghai. It was raining, and the sky was pitch black. I remember walking around downtown in the rain, and it was magnificent. The fantastic lights from the buildings, street lamps, TV displays, and cars all reflected off of the newly fallen rain. Thus, creating a wondrous spectacle not only up above, but down in the black pavement. So what the hell does this anecdote have to do with music? Evil Needle is known for throwing dome melodic, groove-tastic beats that are influenced from a variety of genres, such as hip-hop and ambient music. There is something about his tunes that have a penetrating factor that will pierce your body and move you from deep within. His latest single release, "Warp Drive," is from his upcoming album Equilibrium, which is due to be out April 20. 

This is where my small anecdote comes into play. Listening to "Warp Drive" brought me back to those memories. The track has a suave, mellowed-out beat with synths that will butter you up right quick if you aren't careful. For me, "Warp Drive" resonates an urban feel, especially at night. Then again, this sexy track is too dynamic and open to interpret it one way. Hit the play button to get some answers. 

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