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Squarepusher - "Dark Steering" [Video]

Oh gracious, it has been a while coming, but Squarepusher has finally released a new track and announced his upcoming album, entitled  Afabulum, set to release 14th/15th May on Warp Records. 

The track, "Dark Steering," feels like a much darker, grittier version of what the Tron soundtrack would have sounded like had it been set in a Judge Dredd world and involved bladed weapons and blood instead of neon lights and pixels. The visuals in the video alone are captivating and immersive as they seem in total sync with the dark and ethereal bass lines. Also featured is a LED helmet that puts Deadmau5 and Nero to shame. As always Squarepusher seems to have divided opinion, with  many hardcore "old school" or "original" fans complaining about the new direction while many of the newly introduced are head over heels. 

Check the video below and grab the pre-order of the album from the links at the bottom of the page. 



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  • you can only get so many shots of the exact same thing... the colors barely changed. they pretty much covered every camera angle they could twice over. I couldn't tell on what scale this guy's stage is. you couldn't clearly see any of the guy's controllers. was he even doing anything up there? who knows? he was just standing in the same spot waving his head around. his led mask doesn't even come close to mau5's led head and I don't even know why you mentioned nero because they don't even wear led helmets or any helmets at all... anyways, as for the song pretty fucking wacko if you ask me. i've never heard of the guy and i'm not head over heels for him. pretty well produced though, i mean it wasn't a bad song. the video was completely unnecessary. yeah, the video tripped me the fuck out but its nothing special in terms of going in any new direction. I would have rather just looked at a picture of the guy on stage while listening to the track.

    sorry just had to critique this guy like its my job.

    Avatar nak April 18, 2012 12:43 PM Reply
  • Obviously whoever posted this column has NEVER seen Deadmau5 or Nero live, not only does Deadmau5' visuals on his helmet blow this "Square" out of the water, but to also say that Nero wears helmets at their shows is just ignorant. From this chaotic video it doesn't even appear that the artist is even doing anything on his empty stage. There is much better Drum and Bass music that should be recognized on this site other than this...it sounds like the guy who posted before me knows more about Drum and Bass than "Skinny G" ever could....wow.

    Avatar Fox April 18, 2012 5:08 PM Reply
    •  Yo guys I'm a fan of squarepusher's oldschool music sinds I was 12 years old now I am 23. he's just going a in a different direction but I still hear a little of he's oldschool style in this song but my opinion from what I allready heard from squarepusher in comparison with this is that he can do much better => where is his bassguitar at? where are all those drumsamplers , crazy fx  and stuff? Where is the genius who also knows to mix the more classical jazzy stuff? I perfectly understand that Nak is not head over heals but I was and still am By his first release in 1996 I think Port Rhombus !!!! LOOK IT UP !!! You'll be head over heels I swear.

      Avatar Ndu April 18, 2012 5:44 PM Reply
  • Wow, you kids need to learn your history. Talking smack about Squarepusher, then dropping the old " i've never heard of the guy"???? Nice way to show how narrow your catalog of musical knowledge is. Without Squarepusher and his contemporaries, "Deadmau5" and all these other dudes would not even exist. There is no one like him, he follows no trends and his music is obviously above your heads. Judging by what you have written, WAY above your heads. All these new dubstep DJ types owe their careers to Squarepusher, Aphex Twin, etc. Now drink your fucking energy drinks, pop some uppers, and spank your wangs to your shitty dubstep. Leave Squarepusher to the adults.

    Avatar Your Fuckin Daddy May 18, 2012 8:18 PM Reply

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