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Chemical Brothers - "Swoon" (No Body Remix) [Exclusive]

After making regular appearances on The Club here on Earmilk, including another two tracks in this week's selection, it's time to give you guys a full taste of what No Body has to offer. Today I've got for you their latest remix for the one and only Chemical Brothers. Resurrecting one of the most memorable tracks of 2010, "Swoon", their 2012 remix maintains the perfect amount of vocals and shifts the tempo up a notch.  It takes a certain sound to be able to pull off a Chemical Brothers sample and I wouldn't have picked anyone else for this remix. Having recently released an epic electro acid house track titled "I _3 Acid", where they clearly expressed their love for the genre of acid house, I think this remix is a perfect fit. It drops into an energetic, fast paced bass line and before you know it there's a gliding synth that comes in and takes the lead on the second drop, where the fun really begins.

      Chemical Brothers - Swoon (No Body Remix)
Download: Chemical Brothers - Swoon (No Body 2012 Remix)

I've also got for you their remix of Porter Robinson's latest gem "Language", where they take an already superb track and add their own touch to it. Make sure to head over to their Facebook page and show your support for the guys, as they'll be giving the Chemical Brothers remix away for free once they've eclipsed 3k fans. For more of No Body, head over to The Club and stay tuned to Earmilk where we'll be bringing you an interview with the guys in the coming weeks.

      Porter Robinson - Language (No Body Remix)
Download: Porter Robinson - Language (No Body Remix)



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