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Area 6 - "Ignition Levels"

Boy did I go through a huge mash-up phase a few years ago. My music library is just populated enough with mash-ups that when I shuffle through the songs, every 6 songs would be a mash-up of some sort. At that point, I swore to myself that I would not get any more mash-ups because I grew a bit tired of them. Today, I broke my own promise with my recent excavation of this mash-up "Ignition Levels." Fans of R. Kelley, Avicii, and Skrillex are in for a treat. 

Area 6 mashes notable songs from said musicians into a glory-fest of hip hop-feel-good-dub tune that is worthy of being played in clubs. None of the artists and the songs mashed together need introductions. Any music fan who is caught up in today's trends will definitely recognize the samples layered throughout the song. It's soldered smoothly together making this wonderful mash-up a must listen. 

Dat triple threat.

      Ignition Levels
Download: Area 6 - Ignition Levels

Mash Up


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