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Cage - "The Void"

Cage, aka Chris Palko, first jumped on my radar many years ago with his single "Agent Orange," where he rhymes over the cult classic theme song to A Clockwork Orange, off his 2002 album Movies for the Blind. Others may recognize him from his 2010 collaboration with Kid Cudi with the song "Maniac." "The Void" is his first single since then, and it seems that he hasn't dropped a beat. The intro starts with the soft soothing vocals from Sherry St. Germain repeating the words "Watching in perfect time...," and about 40 seconds in the bass drops into a heavy dubstep beat, with production credit solely going to DJ Mighty Mi.

Cage is back at it from his early Hell's Winter days, rapping about death, ecstasy, methadone, and bitches. Something he's far too familiar with, growing up his father was a Vietnam vet and almost forcibly, a heroin addict. Soon though, he found his way through the busy Hip-Hop collective with help from producer El-P and his group The Weathermen. "The Void" is just the first single coming from his new upcoming album, which Cage says is the only dubstep sounding track on the album, personally I can't wait to hear what else he has in store.

      Cage - The Void (Feat. Sherry St. Germain)
Download: Cage - The Void (Feat. Sherry St. Germain)

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