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Artist Remixed - Nero

There are thousands of popular artists out there today making new singles all the time. With the increase of bedroom producers, though, the ability to simply download a whole studio that you can use right on your lap has made original songs more scarce. Now it seems that you're finding tens of thousands of remixes by artists with more and more ludicrous names, leaving you wondering, "Viking Sword Bro- what?" This weekly segment will bring you the popular remixes and the never heard of "Viking Sword Brothers" remixes of a (common) artist's singles. From all these bedroom producers we are seeing one thing, and that is absolutely fantastic, manipulated, warped remixes.

Nero's consistent symphony sound combined with a deep bass and a old school synth makes them an easy target for remixes. Even more so when Daniel Stephens and Joseph Ray are two of the biggest names in the British EDM scene and are making a huge impact on the American side of electronic music. Making an Artist Remixed - Nero never really came as a idea until I heard their latest EP that featured several remixes of "Must be the Feeling." Going off this EP and the endless library of edits, mashups and remixes from Soundcloud, I've managed to compile a full list for Artist Remixed. it seems every major EDM artist and their cousin has remixed Nero at some point, just browsing the list below you'll see a ton of already huge artists which is something not seen too often on Artist Remixed. I generally like to keep the remixes to Bedroom DJs and smaller artists but this week is a little different. 


Easily the most popular remix of any Nero song is Nero's and Skrillex's collaboration of remixing "Promises." This remix has been on Beatport's dubstep top 10 for months now. What do you expect though? That's 2 huge names coming together to remix an already massive track.

      Promises (Skrillex and Nero Remix)
Download: Nero - Promises (Skrillex and Nero Remix)


From The Killabits to Knife Party to even Kill the Noise, not to mention Flux Pavilion, this section is full of some of the heaviest hitters in wobble and bass. To start off I've got Killabits and Killsonik's suspenseful yet filth-step remixes. Knife Party's VIP of "Crush on You" came out not too long ago and further proves Knife Party's ability to take a song and make it into something completely new, this remix is one of the most hectic of the whole post. Atlas's remix of "Doomsday" keeps the symphony intro from the original yet Atlas builds you up to the drop then changes the original with a mix of the build, vocals and filth.

      Crush On You (Killsonik Remix)
Download: Nero - Crush On You (Killsonik Remix)

      Innocence (The Killabits Electro to Dubstep Edit)
Download: Nero - Innocence (The Killabits Electro to Dubstep Edit)

      Crush On You (Knife Party Remix)
Download: Nero - Crush On You (Knife Party Remix)

      Doomsday (Atlas Remix)
Download: Nero - Doomsday (Atlas Remix)

Kisbeat and Chemical's remix is very heavy on the bass with maximum wobble using the vocals looped from "Reaching Out." Two of my favourite remixes for dubstep would have to be Nero and Flux Pavilion's remix and Kill the Noise's remix; Flux and Nero's remix starts off slow yet picks up intensity throughout as it works to become faster and faster grasping your attention with pure filth and wobble. My top favourite remix though would have to be Kill the Noise's remix of "Must be the Feeling" since it's fast-paced, aggressive and keeps Kill the Noise's usual dog fight style of throwing around sound. Enjoy. 

      Reaching Out (Kisbeat and Chemical Remix)
Download: Nero - Reaching Out (Kisbeat and Chemical Remix)

      Must Be The Feeling (Flux Pavilion and Nero Remix)
Download: Nero - Must Be The Feeling (Flux Pavilion and Nero Remix)

      Must be the Feeling (Kill the Noise Remix)
Download: Nero - Must be the Feeling (Kill the Noise Remix)


The drum and bass remixes this week were all very aggressive compared to the soft DnB one might expect from the genre. Lethalness's remix starts with a fast pass but slows down, coming back to the original vocals from "Guilt" but picks up its speed as fast as it slowed down into a drumstep beat. Philly Blunt's remix is arguably DnB as much as it is really breakbeat, yet I didn't have a whole section for break style remixes so I've placed it under DnB. It starts off almost identical to Lethalness's remix with a fast beat then slows down to the original vocals then picks back up at the drop. Something that stuck out to me about Philly Blunt's remix was the glitch style 'use' of the original sounds. Culture Shock's remix is on the softer side yet still is fast-paced. At only 2 and a half minutes long, you better enjoy it while it lasts, since the actual DnB doesn't start until nearly half way through. My favourite remix would have to be Dirtyphonics' remix of "Me and You" since it starts off slow yet has a drop to make Skrillex wince, Dirtyphonics remix gives the original a run for its money. Enjoy. 

      Guilt (Lethalness Remix)
Download: Nero - Guilt (Lethalness Remix)

      Promises (Philly Blunt Remix)
Download: Nero - Promises (Philly Blunt Remix)

      Guilt (Culture Shock Remix)
Download: Nero - Guilt (Culture Shock Remix)

      Me and You (Dirtyphonics Remix)
Download: Nero - Me and You (Dirtyphonics Remix)


I've featured this section before when I find a sufficient remix that really impresses me and Split Second have done just that. I've heard some of their stuff before and everytime it's really impressed me, since they seem to have quite a few tracks of rapping over popular EDM songs. Their remix of "Innocence" is no exception. Their lyrics work really well with Nero's own dubstep and it makes me curious to see more rappers trying this style of rapping over tracks in the future. 

      Innocence (Split Second Remix)
Download: Nero - Innocence (Split Second Remix)


By definition of trance, Vast Connection's remix is really the only one that suits the typical 'trance' sound with synths fading in and out and a fast pace mixed with a repetitive house beat. The intro of Vast Connections remix is screaming trance sounds but it quickly fades away as Nero's "Innocence" creeps smoothly back in until we're built up to the drop where it changes again into the typical trance sound. Funkagenda's remix is not really trance but it's almost too repetitive to be house and if you have a huge issue with what genre I've labelled these tracks under then re-evaluate what your doing with your life right now. Funkagenda's remix is slow but throughout builds up slowly layering sound upon sound to get a unique track that takes time but is defiantly rewarding in the end coming to the final drop.

      Innocence (Vast Connection Remix)
Download: Nero - Innocence (Vast Connection Remix)

      Must Be The Feeling (Funkagenda Remix)
Download: Nero - Must Be The Feeling (Funkagenda Remix)


Again, huge names in this section for house remixes, this whole post does not disappoint. Fred Falke's remix is a softer house remix (even considerably "chill"?) with a synth fading in and out it keeps the original vocals but adds a extra beat that really makes it stand out and with a new melody the remix shows Fred Falke's specific sound. Azari and III's remix is another unique house remix that's arguably 'house' and more 'alternative' yet I've placed it under house because it's also very slow yet keeps the original vocals from "Must be the Feeling" and adds a new funky beat with a peculiar bass. Dirty South is no new name to house music and this remix shows his ability to take the original "Me and You" and cautiously build it up into a classic prog house drop though doesn't change far too much at the drop. Breno's remix is another great house remix that has a long intro but builds you up with a nice synth fade away accompanied by a brilliant piano rif that works with the vocals from "Crush on You." The piano takes away the 90's pop from the vocals and makes them actually enjoyable. Wikinson's remix was my favourite of all the house remixes because it starts soft and almost sounds as if it's going to be DnB yet is soft throughout the whole song with a gentle build and a even gentler drop that takes away the harshness of the original. Enjoy.   

      Reaching Out (Fred Falke Remix)
Download: Nero - Reaching Out (Fred Falke Remix)

      06 Must Be the Feeling (Azari and III Remix)
Download: Nero - Must Be the Feeling (Azari and III Remix)

      Me and You (Dirty South Remix)
Download: Nero - Me and You (Dirty South Remix)

      Crush On You (Breno Remix)
Download: Nero - Crush On You (Breno Remix)

      Reaching Out (Wilkinson Remix)
Download: Nero - Reaching Out (Wilkinson Remix)


Another huge selection of electro remixes that all have kept me awed and dumbfounded. Fastback's remix is a great remix to start off the electro remixes since it's not too trashy and yet diverse enough from the original "Reaching Out" that it really captures your attention as the main electro rif takes you away right after the drop. Another typical SebastiAn remix; heavy, trashy and full of power that makes your heart thud. SebastiAn absolutely tears the original "Must be the Feeling" to shreds and his remix was featured on Nero's latest EP. Surprisingly enough I had to label Steve Angello's remix in electro instead of house (which you would typically expect from him) since it's a lot more aggressive than his usual house style. This remix starts off quite but slowly gains momentum as you're brought to the drop where Angello delivers with a heavy trashy punch that completely blew me away. Custom Face's remix was another remix that really stuck out to me, it has all the trash and filth that you can maximize in a electro remix.  

      Reaching Out (Fastback Remix)
Download: Nero - Reaching Out (Fastback Remix)

      Must Be the Feeling (SebastiAn Remix)
Download: Nero - Must Be the Feeling (SebastiAn Remix)

      Me and You (Steve Angello Remix)
Download: Nero - Me and You (Steve Angello Remix)

      Guilt (Custom Face Remix)
Download: Nero - Guilt (Custom Face Remix)

Danger's remix was a last minute add to my list but I'm happy I did because it doesn't just change the song at the drop but changes the whole track with a new funky break beat style that adds a lot more excitement to "Me and You." Brodinski's remix is another questionable 'electro' remix but an acid-electro beat and warping the vocals makes it more 'electro' than 'alternative'. I had heard of Sound Remedy before and heard his filth electro so this remix is just a sight of his talent. My overall favourite electro remix would have to be Feed Me's remix of "Innocence," Feed Me is one of the only producers right now that has fully mastered his own specific sound and truly perfected it. Feed Me's recent EP was just further proof of his talent when it comes to destruction and construction of the build and drop and this remix is further proof as Feed Me takes the original vocals, builds up to the drop, then comes crashing down in his own specific style of electro. 

      Me and You (Danger Remix)
Download: Nero - Me and You (Danger Remix)

      Crush On You (Brodinski Remix)
Download: Nero - Crush On You (Brodinski Remix) 

      Crush On You (Sound Remedy Remix)
Download: Nero - Crush On You (Sound Remedy Remix)

      Innocence (Feed Me Remix)
Download: Nero - Innocence (Feed Me Remix)


So here it is, after that huge list of DnB bangers and dubstep mayhem, what could possibly take the cake compared to Nero's own remixes? DallasK takes my overall favourite spot for best remix with his remix of "Guilt." I heard this song quite some time ago and instantly fell in love after the initial chords. DallasK does everything right in this remix and I truly mean that; from simply the beginning he builds up the suspense with a eerie synth that leaves you anxiously waiting for the drop once the vocals come in. After being built up your dropped down into DallasK's own hands where he constantly builds you up and drops you down again with an amazing synth and a transformer 'yawning' along side him. This remix is still one of my favourite mixes of dubstep and house ever. Enjoy. 

      Guilt (DallasK Remix)
Download: Nero - Guilt (DallasK Remix)

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Top notch thread

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This is huge!
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fuck yeah!

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Where's Delta Heavy's Remix of "Must be the Feeling"? I think that's definitely one of the top Nero remixes!

8 years ago

The intro of "Crush On You" (Knife Party) remix sounds a lot like a MJ sample. Which is fantastic. And brings to mind. Why aren't there more 'samples' 'remixes' or straight up dedications to the man himself. Take in mind Michael Jackson "Maria" (Hype Jonez Remix)

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I didn't know Azari & III made a remix for 'Must Be The Feeling", thanks EARMILK!

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John McCullough
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