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Adelyn Rose - Mezzanine

 A lot of great bands come out of Eau Claire. It's Bon Iver's infamous hometown, home to the less famous Yellow Ostrich, and now, home to Adelyn Rose, another folksy indie rock band. The song "Never Get Tired" is off their upcoming record Mezzanine, which is due out March 13 (self-released). A slower song with ghostly vocals + fiddle, shimmering arpeggios, and Menomena-esque drumming, it's a good example of their niche style. You is a track off their eponymous release from fall-2010, you'll be able to hear the stylistic shift. You is all acoustic guitar, white noise, and vocals, much more lo-fi.

      05 Never Get Tired2
Download: Adelyn Rose - Never Get Tired

      03 You2
Download: Adelyn Rose - You.

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