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French Fries - Yo Vogue [EP + Video]

Looking at a streak of notable works, it's safe to say that Paris' French Fries has crisped to gold as his last release on ClekClekBoom shimmered on both sides of the 12 inch. Known for his knack to lay catchy hooks of ghetto on top of nodding low ends, the sub sophomore has been generating a lot of noise as of late. Not because he can draw out captivating pads essential to any garage beat, but his compromise between hot blooded production and  street zoo demeanor has made for a nice breed of party jams that can fill both the casual and the snobby. It was only inevitable that Claude VonStroke would push for a release under the French Fries name with his own imprint dirtybird, a label more etched to write the soundtrack of witty vibes and fun. "Yo Vogue" is the result of their meetings, and the match couldn't be more perfect. 

The track is better off crated without a genre as racey 808 rimshots in light of juke dissolve into a half time nod, making for a mash of scenes the French necro is known for. Cast an eerie moog on top of the deep woe of drabby percussion and the number is sure to direct basement house horror. CVS puts the dirtybird touch to boost the original out of the audible trenches while Leroy Peppers uses a life in his sappy arcade alternative. Dare to watch the music video as your eyes become victim to pedo phantasy in priestly fashion. 

(DB069) dirtybird: French Fries - Yo Vogue EP

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