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Bravestation - "Signs of the Civilized"

In 2010, Toronto's Bravestation shed light on their tribal churning through a self-titled EP. If you've been hungry for this four piece, their new single "Signs of the Civilized" should further salivate your senses. "Signs of the Civilized" begins with a digital drums and as the song continues, there is a retro flare complimenting Devin's beguiling voice. This single will be on the Bravestation's debut LP in the next coming month and it will contain a remastered version of "Colour Us With Youth" (personal favorite track from their 2010 EP). While a stream of "Signs of the Civilized"  is below, please feel free to visit Bravestation's bandcamp for a free download.

      Signs of the Civilized
Stream: Bravestation - Signs of the Civilized

Afrobeat · Indie · Rock


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