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G-Eazy – "Marilyn" (Feat. Dominique LeJeune)

Our favorite retro rapper, G-Eazy, has come through with a brand new crowd pleaser in the track "Marilyn". This new single features the beautiful vocal contributions from a New Orlean's songtress by the name of Dominique LeJeune. These two artists have come through with a soulful story about relationships through their best and worst moments. The track sounds more upbeat than its actual content. Now, these two coming together was destined considering they both exude a sound that is older than their actual ages. Check out the track chill.



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  • The funny thing about this is right when you think you have him pegged i.e. "retro rapper" he flips it on you. I honestly don't think you will see a lot of "retro rap" or sampling coming from G on his new shit. He's probably already three moves ahead of that.

    Muggsy Blogs February 22, 2012 1:39 AM Reply

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