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Spanish Prisoners - "Downtown Chicagoland" [Alternate Versions]

When people say "vantasy", a van is obviously associated in their fantasy. This special term came from Bushwick's indie rock quartet, Spanish Prisoners and they have created a mission around "vantasy". To make their dreams come true, Spanish Prisoners need our help. They began a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for a van. The purpose of this van is to transport them all the way to Austin, Texas for the annual SXSW Festival. Only six days are left for this to succeed! If their story did not touch your heart, perhaps their alternate versions of "Downtown Chicagoland" will.

"Downtown Chicagoland" was originally taken from their last album Gold Fools. They recently released two different editions of "Downtown Chicagoland", PE1000 version and guitar arp. Both will be appear on their upcoming mixtape titled PRIOR ART. Spanish Prisoners are unique in a way that, they produce rock music with a psychedelic thrill. Their sounds has a hazy symphonic layer as the words are well tagged on their bandcamp. Their bandcamp is also your best friend because you can download the original "Downtown Chicagoland" along with both of the alternate versions for free. Below is the PE1000 version. Enjoy!

      02 Downtown Chicagoland (PE1000 version)
Download: Spanish Prisoners - Downtown Chicagoland (PE1000 version)


Folk Rock · Indie · Pop · Synth


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