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M.I.A. - "Bad Girls" (Barbaric Merits ChainBangin Remix)

M.I.A. flipped me off at the Superbowl, and I loved every second of it. She truly is one of the baddest girls in the industry, and people salivate over her 'bad bitch' mentality. Our obsession with the wild side of the celebrity world seems to stem from some sort of inner desire we all have to be able to do whatever the hell we want, when we want. That's what M.I.A. does, and it's fantastic. Barbaric Merits' "ChainBangin Remix" of "Bad Girls" hits like a cold shot of middle finger to the face. Down with the norm I say, and here's to the Unconventional Hierarchy.

      M.I.A - Bad Girls (Barbaric Merits ChainBangin Remix)
Download: M.I.A - Bad Girls (Barbaric Merits ChainBangin Remix)

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9 years ago

effin' dope