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Yelawolf - "Faces" & "London Bridge" (Feat. Ed Sheeran)

Yelawolf and Ed Sheeran have collaborated on another two great songs, "London Bridge" and "Faces". These two tracks have a complete different feel from one another, as Yela spits soft bars over a smooth guitar beat, and Ed Sheeran refines the song with his soulful vocals. "Faces" is a more upbeat song like we are used to hearing from the White Dog, and even has a dubstep-type sample, and yet again Ed Sheeran does his thing. Yelawolf and Ed Sheeran make a great combo on a track and we can only hope to hear more this music in the near future, so check out "London Bridge" and "Faces" out and enjoy.

      Yelawolf ft Ed Sheeran - London Bridge - HipHopEarly t11423
Download: Yelawolf ft Ed Sheeran - London Bridge

      Yelawolf ft Ed Sheeran - Faces - HipHopEarly t11424
Download: Yelawolf ft Ed Sheeran - Faces

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