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Edgework - Night Mechanics EP

Edgework is a up and coming disco producer who just released his first EP. The EP, Night Mechanics, features his own original track and 3 other remixes that cover everything from big house techno all the way to nu-disco and even some slight electro. The remix is available right now on Beatport which you can find here. One reason this EP really stuck out to me is because of the continuous blend from one genre to the other. Each track flows so smoothly together as your left not even releasing that this is a remix EP since all 3 remixes have their own individual style. Night Mechanics is a kick-back to earlier Daft Punk sounds with a 80s style synth and a world of funky digital sounds you can get your head wrapped around.

Edgework's original track "Night Mechanics" is a smooth electro banger that starts with a pop melody layering in a nice kick that brings you to the build which starts the whole EP off on a good note. The original track is the most Electro of all 4 tracks and sets the tone for the rest of the EP.

Edgework - Night Mechanics

Tonyboy's remix is a funky 80's remix that's been labelled "SciFi Vocal remix" since of a eerie synth that reminds me of Kavinsky with a gentle female voice singing over the track. This remix was arguably one of my favourites since it builds you up and drops you smoothly with a funky synth and eerie vocals.

Edgework - Night Mechanics (Tonyboy's SciFi Vocal Remix)

The next remix on the EP is Awkoder's disco remix which again, changes up the original track in a completely new way. After starting with the lighter-electro original the EP tenses things with a 80s-style remix by Tonyboy and brings it back down again with this nu-disco remix. Awkoder's remix is a dreamy soundscape with little to no resemblance to the original piece, making this yet another amazing track on the EP.

Edgework - Night Mechanics (Awkoder Remix)

After going from a smooth original to a funky remix back to a dreamy remix we finish the EP off with Valymo's big house remix. This remix starts off as it slowly builds up with a fidget structure which takes you to the drop where a big house club beat comes in. Valymo's remix is a big way to end the EP.

Edgework - Night Mechanics (Valymo Remix)

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