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Skream - "Nefariousa" [Video]

Skream has just dropped the video for track "Nefariousa" which was featured on the free Skream & Benga Scion AV EP they put out a week or so back. Before you start watching this, if you have any irrational fear of clowns, turn off, if you have any fear of freaky looking blonde teen chicks, also turn off.

The video starts with a clown face down in a swimming pool, he then proceeds to seemingly have a breakdown and shed his clownish skin. Using the normal means, he trashes his apartment, throws his custard pies against the wall, moans and sobs uncontrollably, laughs wildly, like a psycho would laugh after being chopped up. He then continues to pack up his clown clothes get in his car, drive to meet a pair of eerie looking blonde teens holding burning bottles of booze who tell him to burn it!

Quite dark stuff really, but it fits the track perfectly. Check our post on Scion EP here for a free download.

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