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Shlohmo at Brighton Music Hall + New Video

After this Saturday, I've decided that Shlohmo has it all. From delicious, glitchy L.A. beats in the vein of Brainfeeder to dark, dragged out post-punk influences (as seen in his mix for FACT) to a prolific collection of EPs and a lovely LP (Bad Vibes) to a name that you probably won't spell right in your drunken tweets raving about his shattering of the "time-swag continuum" (er, guilty), Shlohmo's on top of his stuff.

I saw him open for Star Slinger at Boston's Brighton Music Hall this weekend, and to be honest, I would not want this man opening for me. I expected for his set to be more of an ambient chill-out session, but instead, Shlohmo threw down hard, playing a set sporting a range of his own tracks and laden with harder hip hop to keep the room moving. In addition to a super enjoyable setlist, Shlohmo really shone in personality and charm -- my friends and I found ourselves almost ashamed of the giggly, melting girl pile that we were morphed into as Shlohmo goofed off on stage, singing and dancing along to just about everything, probably having just as much if not more fun than half the crowd. We're not really that shallow, right? We're in it for the music. I bet this man gets so much post-show tail. (We actually found ourselves having to avert our gaze from the stage in order to objectively take in the show. Oops.)

Anyway, men and women alike seemed to have a blast during Shlohmo's set. I'd love to see him again -- I'd be willing to bet that there's a lot of variation in his live sets (since there are really no genre boundaries present in his music and mixes) and he really knew how to play to the crowd.

Shlohmo also just directed and edited his own Halloween-appropriate video for the uber-spooky track "Trapped in a Burning House" off Bad Vibes. Check it out below!

Shlohmo - Trapped in a Burning House

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