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"Sound" by Soundcloud

Now what your about to read about is not a new dubstep track that's going to shock you to your bones, nor is it a relaxing indie new song by some eight-person band. But you all probably knew this given the title, so it's my duty again to inform you that this isn't some announcement from Soundcloud about any amazing new feature. No this is simply better than all that, it's a video about sound in our everyday lives.

Since we are a music blog it felt almost fitting to expose our readers to this video. After all, Soundcloud has shown and helped us communicate with so many different artists. Earmilk would most certainly not be what it is today if it weren't for Soundcloud. Music would not be what it is today, which is why this video is such a jewel to share. Soundcloud's video "Sound" is a brief short which explores ideas of sound around us everyday.

If you're a Soundcloud user I highly recommend watching this video simply for the amazing footage and the brilliant message within it. Enjoy.



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9 years ago

Very interesting. If you want to know more check out kode9's book Audio Warfare