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Luke Abbott - Happy Endings Mix

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Last year's Holkham Drones long-player released via James Holden's Border Community label established young producer Luke Abbott as musician fond of warm, melodic synthesizer work with tasteful technical sensibilities. His songs and arrangements are beautiful works of intertwining harmonics that are accented with noise-heavy but minimal percussive elements.

Following the announcement of the dissolution of Allez-Allez (which is comprised of one half of Walls), Sam and Steve included a Happy Endings Mix on their website along with the announcement by none other than Luke Abbott himself. While it is sad to see the talents of Allez-Allez come to an end, there will undoubtedly be more projects from Sam Willis and Steve Nolan--as can be read in their final website post.

Abbott's mix gives a sincere sonic farewell to the duo, exhibiting a linear-like plot of tracks that pay homage to the vibrancy of Allez-Allez and demonstrate the peace and community associated with the global electronic music world. Check out the mix below, available to stream or download via Soundcloud.

Happy Endings Tracklist:

1. Etienne Jaumet -  "At the Crack of Dawn"
2. Bee Mask - "Untitled"
3. Hans-Joachim Roedelius - "Regenmacher"
4. Kreidler - "Kremlin Rules"
5. Sebastien Tellier - "L'Amour et La Violence"
6. Starving Weirdos - "Blossom, Bloom, Wither & Die"
7. Walls - "Drunken Galleon"

Luke Abbott - Happy Endings Mix by EARMILK


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