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The fuck is Baers? is the "quote on quote" Baers bio on Soundcloud. Such a perfect bio. I've never heard of the Baers before and boy have I been missing out. These guys are almost as underground as you can imagine. I'm talking 7 followers on soundcloud, 7. Do you even want to fathom how many Skrillex has?  

Their style is very electro dubstep and can give you trace amounts of house. These guys need the attention you and I can give them so feast on some of their remixes and check out their soundcloud. 

The first track I'm bringing you is a mashup that has a very poppy sound as most mashups do. Great use of Notorious's vocals. One of my favourite tracks. 

Stayin Juicy (Bee Gees/Teddy Bears/Notorious B.I.G. mashup)

The next track takes it a little slower, not as pop sounding as the first mashup. It brings in your heavier electro nearing the second half of the song and keeps the original feel for more so of the first half.

Lana Del Rey - Video Games (Bærs DrnkGrls Remix)

Again a slower song since the original is rather slow but adds the electro about half way again. Another favourite remix of mine. 

The Weeknd - Rolling Stone (Bærs remix)

I really liked this remix aswell and hoped I could have seen it earlier so I could have put it in my artist remixed -the Beatles. Oh well. Enjoy the nice dubstep spin off of The Beatles Hold Me Tight. 

the Beatles - Hold Me Tight (Bærs remix) 

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