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Dam Funk

The now illustrious L.A. ambassador of Boogie Funk, Dam-Funk has always been prone to dropping singles at random through the infamous Stones Throw Label, and since the release of his prolific Toeachizown, there is a good chance that, whether or not you think so, you've heard either his music or his name somewhere. The funk magistrate has saw fit to bless the world and drop an EP, and the best part; it's free. Even better than that, the EP stands as a precursor to his album dropping next year on Stones Throw. You can get excited now.

Presented by Scion Audio/Visual, the same people who bring you the incredible Scion Rock Fest each year, INNAFOCUSEDDAZE is testament to the man's experimental funk genius, not unlike Toeachizown and yet different. On "Don't You Know (That This Funk iz Real)", a stand out track on the EP, Dam plays with the element of free-jazz. In fact the track is more or less free-funk where (unsurprisingly... it is Dam after all) you may find yourself nodding to an off beat kick drum, syncopated synths and a bass lick that admonishes Ornette Coleman's "Street Blues", only to come to screeching psychedelic halt. "Inside of U", a song with a title that could not be more apt is a lush, vamp heavy soundscape, distinctively crafted for that special moment between you and your better half. As always...

      01 Forever
Download: Dam Funk - Forever

      03 Inside Of U
Download: Dam Funk - Inside Of U


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