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Size Matters Tent Party - Ticket Giveaway!

We've been hyping it up for quite some time and it's almost upon us. This weekend if your in London area have to make sure you check out Size Matters Tent Party. It's sure to be a crazy series of nights with big names coming such as The Weeknd, L.A. Riots, Steve Angello and more. If you think you can handle London's Party scene you thought wrong. Just wait tell you get your brain melted away and join the thousands of young, high energy Western and Fanshawe students raving as hard as their bodies can manage. 

The weekend is sure to be crazy, just feast on some of these tunes while you browse along...

      08 Watch The Sunrise (Dirty South Remix)
Download: Axwell - Watch The Sunrise (Dirty South Remix)

Download: Steve Angello - Tivoli

      The Party (LA Riots remix)
Download: Justice - The Party (feat. Uffie) (LA Riots Remix)

      D.V.N.O. (LA Riots Remix)
Download: Justice - D.V.N.O. (LA Riots Bootleg Remix)

      Sexy And I Know It (La Riots Remix)
Download: LMFAO - Sexy And I Know It (La Riots Remix)

Our friends at Premier Life and First Aisle Entertainment have given us 10. Yes 10 general admission tickets to give away for free! The tickets are useable for straight partying on the Friday and Saturday! All you need to do is email Tickets@earmilk.com. Have the subject Tent Party and your able to win, 10 winners will be picked at random. 

Hope to see all you earmilk readers in the London area there, just look for a teen with a mop of hair, in a plain white T taking pictures on the massive speakers whose dancing like he's tweaking out while really he's just enjoy the music. (Yes I did just talk about me in third person.) 

If you don't win but still want to come? Make sure you buy your tickets here and like Earmilk on Facebook here!

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