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Born Gold - Wombstone and Decimate Everything

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We recently reported that Cecil Frena's hyperactive Gobble Gobble project fell through after releasing only a couple tracks, "Wrinklecarver" and "Lawn Knives." From the ashes, however, came Frena's newest band, Born Gold.

Released last month, "Alabaster Bodyworks" was the first track off of Born Gold's upcoming debut LP, Bodysongs, set for release on September 20 via the band's own label, Hovercraft, as well as Crash Symbols.

"Decimate Everything" and "Wombstone" are both the latest tracks straight from Bodysongs.

Stream both songs and check out the details for Bodysongs below.  

Stream Only: Born Gold - "Wombstone"


Stream Only: Born Gold - "Decimate Everything"

01. Lawn Knives
02. End of Days
03. Decimate Everything
04. Morning Bath
05. Boring Horror
06. Wombstone
07. Wrinklecarver
08. Eat Sun, Son
09. Alabaster Bodyworlds
10. Early Birthday

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9 years ago

Hey bb, thanks for the love on this. You can actually grab a free download of the album from our bandcamp or BIRP.fm. I wanted to let you know though the album is called Bodysongs, not Bodyworks.