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#MashupMonday - Week 34

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Mashup Monday - We're going to melt your faces off with enough mashed up music to make you wanna slap yo' mama. Teekay and 3LAU will be bringing you the dopest dope in the mashup world. We've been scouring the music lands, and filing through tracks that you enthusiastic readers and musicians have sent us. We've found mashups from DJ's far and wide. We've found down-tempo ones. We've found super fast and beaty ones. Short ones and long ones. Ones that you wanna sit back and enjoy, and ones that will make you want to rage all over a dance floor. We think we've done our part. Let's get s-mashed.

First, Tristan Garner recently released a summer bootleg set, and I must say it's the cleanest all house mashing I have ever heard. Next up DJ Dan Sverdlov just released a mixtape here, and I've included two of my favorites, chill hip hop vibes all day long. DJ Epic released an amazing new banger to kick off his future album release this September 8th, be on the look out for a really heavy ride. We also have some spectacular work from Dotcom and Basic Physics, both of which have grown substantially in the past few months!

I have a soft spot in my heart for #'s and DJ I6, a new entrant to the scene takes it away, definitely check his track "tonight."

Finally, It's my pleasure to give you "Dubsex," my newest work featuring Skrillex, Nero, Britney and more; some visuals available here. I've also included an exclusive bonus remash this week called "I-3LOW," a remastered take on one of my first mashes ever!

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      01 The 300 Club (Mash Anthem)
Download: Basic Physics - The 300 Club (Mash Anthem)

Download: 3LAU - Dubsex (Skrillex & Nero Feat. Britney vs. Daft Punk vs. Posner vs. Amanda)

      Babylon Holiday (Euan Cross Bootleg)
Download: Euan Cross - Babylon Holiday (Congorock & Dizzee Rascal)

      Wheres Your Rave At_ (DallasK Henry Fong Bootleg)
Download: DallasK & Henry Fong - Where's Your Rave At? (Steve Angello vs. Basement Jaxx)(DallasK & Henry Fong Bootleg)

      15 Who Dat Addictive Bad SM Girl
Download: Marc Johnce - Who Dat Addictive Bad S&M Girl

Download: DJ i6 - Tonight

      Axwell Vs Adrian Lux Vs Sander Van Doorn - Teenage In The Air (Tristan Garner Bootleg)
Download: Tristan Garner - Teenage In The Air (Axwell vs. Adrian Lux vs. Sander Van Doorn)

      08 Stairway To Bitches
Download: Dj Dan Sverdlov - Stairway To Bitches

      Martin Solveig Vs Arno Cost Hardwell Vs U2 - Ready 2 New Years Day (Tristan Garner Bootleg)
Download: Tristan Garner - Ready 2 New Years Day (Martin Solveig vs. Arno Cost & Hardwell vs. U2)

      Who Dat Blessed Girl (JRowe Mashup)
Download: Jeff Rowe - Who Dat Blessed Girl (JRowe Mashup)

      Never Will Be Mine (Rye Rye ft Robyn (Kat Krazy Mix) vs DJ Mujava (R3hab Mix)
Download: DOSVEC - Never Will Be Mine (Rye Rye ft Robyn (Kat Krazy Mix) vs DJ Mujava (R3hab Mix)

      Its Time to Celebrate (Kool and the Gang x Pitbull x Fabolous x Taio Cruz x Three Six Mafia x Dirty Impact vs. Royal XTC x Mike Posner x 3OH3)
Download: Dotcom - It's Time to Celebrate (Kool and the Gang vs. Pitbull vs. Fabolous vs. Taio Cruz vs. Three Six Mafia vs. Dirty Impact vs. Royal XTC vs. Mike Posner vs. 3OH!3)

Download: 3LAU - I-3low (Ke$ha vs. Miles Dyson)

      I Wanna Dream (Mord Fustang _ Britney Spears)
Download: DJ Burnout - I Wanna Dream (Mord Fustang vs. Britney Spears)

      David Tort Vs Axwell T.Gold Vs Manuel de la Mare Vs Junior Jack - One Look Samba (Tristan Garner Bootleg)
Download: Tristan Garner - One Look & Samba (David Tort vs. Axwell & T.Gold vs. Manuel de la Mare vs. Junior Jack)

      03 Everyday Struggle
Download: Dj Dan Sverdlov - Everyday Struggle

      Cosmowamp (MillionYoung vs. The Clipse)
Download: DJ Gordon Gekko - Cosmowamp (MillionYoung vs. The Clipse)

      Blow Up Sweet Boy (Andrew Romain G Bootleg)
Download: Andrew & Romain G Bootleg - Blow Up Sweet Boy (Hardwell vs. Axwell & Thomas Gold vs. Temper Trap)

      Beauticians Rock
Download: DJ Epic - Beautician's Rock

Mash Up


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  • Dubsex - "File Not Found"

    Avatar Josh August 15, 2011 8:07 PM Reply
  • fuckn sick week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Avatar sim August 15, 2011 10:35 PM Reply
  • very nice :D

    Avatar Coldslug August 15, 2011 11:04 PM Reply
  • Mashups are like orgys... but better

    Avatar DJ Cook August 16, 2011 12:52 AM Reply
  • Very, very, very good week!

    Avatar DJ C-Note August 16, 2011 1:13 AM Reply
  • n' then I JIZZED IN MY PANTS

    Avatar Chase August 16, 2011 9:55 AM Reply
  • Wow. Tristan Garner's Teenage in the Air so so dam clean. Unreal mash.

    Avatar Touch Face August 16, 2011 12:59 PM Reply
  • 3AU is killing these mashup mondays!

    Avatar Tom August 16, 2011 1:19 PM Reply
  • really? you guys think this is a good week? this is the first time i don't download anything from a mashmonday. all of them are sloppy and or annoying. this is definitely a week for teenage girls!

    Avatar Halsey August 16, 2011 3:01 PM Reply
    • Totally agreed, I wanna bang my head against the wall at all the comments like" Great week!" great week my a** wtf....

      Avatar QUipsilon September 17, 2011 11:50 AM Reply
  • btw 3lau is not that good...white panda and the hood internet are 100x better.

    Avatar Halsey August 16, 2011 3:19 PM Reply
  • Halsey is either trolling or hilariously sarcastic

    Avatar JD August 16, 2011 4:52 PM Reply
  • Yeah, seriously. 3Lau definitely destroys this...

    Avatar Lopz August 16, 2011 7:51 PM Reply
  • Basic Physics are pretty good, honestly the rest are gimmicky as fuck. Pretty sure most people that make mashups can't make their own music.

    Avatar Jon August 16, 2011 11:43 PM Reply
  • Halsey
    really? you guys think this is a good week? this is the first time i don’t download anything from a mashmonday. all of them are sloppy and or annoying. this is definitely a week for teenage girls!

    glad i'm a teenage girl!!!!

    Avatar chris August 17, 2011 2:16 AM Reply
  • for the led zepplin (Gramatik remix) I prefer this http://soundcloud.com/7beatz/gramatik_vs_the-roots

    Avatar Thom August 17, 2011 6:52 AM Reply
  • Awesome playlist!! I love being able to find new music :)

    Avatar Emma August 17, 2011 10:08 AM Reply
  • these are quite tasteless tracks for this blog.

    Avatar jill August 17, 2011 3:26 PM Reply

    Avatar c_wizzle August 25, 2011 2:23 PM Reply
  • wtb more mashup mondays plzzzzzz

    Avatar Durk September 18, 2011 12:36 PM Reply
  • why have these stopped??

    Avatar Anonymous September 22, 2011 2:32 PM Reply

    Avatar Power Noize September 23, 2011 6:35 PM Reply
  • Why has this stopped? Best post on this site imo. Bring it back please!

    Avatar Myron Gaines September 25, 2011 5:36 PM Reply
  • U aware brah?

    Avatar Bert Starr September 25, 2011 10:05 PM Reply
  • Why'd this stop?

    Avatar Riddle October 2, 2011 1:19 AM Reply
  • Why did this stop for ?, its the best music outtt.!!

    Avatar AnthonyyGee October 2, 2011 6:59 PM Reply
  • Hurrry with the next instalment!!

    Avatar Will October 4, 2011 11:49 AM Reply
  • Why do Mashup Mondays sporadically die for months a time.... this happens wayyyy too often. The people demand an answer!

    Avatar Keith October 7, 2011 7:44 AM Reply
  • Bert Starr
    U aware brah?

    you are one cheeky kunt mate i swear im gunna wreck you

    Avatar Hugh Madbroh October 8, 2011 7:30 AM Reply
  • one the best pages ive ever fuckin found on this website its freakin amazing and all the songs are like a eargasm combined with a braingasm

    Avatar Mitch Hedburg (with respect to comedian) October 11, 2011 10:57 AM Reply
  • Avatar That Strange Guy October 13, 2011 3:48 PM Reply

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