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Screaming Females!

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This three piece New Jersey based punk band does an incredible job at rocking out. Screaming Females consists of Marissa Paternoster with the fierce vocals and guitar, Jarrett Dougherty on the restless drums, and King Mike on the powerful bass.

Last winter, they played at the Music Hall Of Williamsburg for the showcase of Don Giovanni Records and the entire venue became a wild mosh party. Since no one can predict such intense sounds from a small proportioned girl, their live performance is definitely worth checking out.

Screaming Females has a couple albums out on ITunes, but I recommend their latest, Castle Talk. Also, everything released is by the members themselves(Including the music video below). How indie.


      02 Wild
Download: Screaming Females - Wild

      05 I Dont Mind It
Download: Screaming Females - I Don't Mind It

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