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Dee-1 -- The One That Got Away [VIDEO]

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New Orleans hip hop lovers who don't know Dee-1 are likely trying to figure out who this smooth criminal is while those who do know him are elated at the sound of his voice floating from their radios. Touted as a "mix between Common and T.I.", Dee-1's video for his single "The One That Got Away" has just been released on YouTube.

In the midst of a barbeque, Dee-1 tells the classic tale of being the guy friend who wants to be more than just a friend. What I appreciate most is that his storytelling is honest and intelligent ("We never even kissed/one time we came close/but that ain't matter/I made love to her brain the most") yet the beat is something radio stations will eat up. The video is just fresh, plain and simple, with Mannie Fresh providing a hilarious commentary (and free words of wisdom) in the background, while waving his spatula. Listen to this chill yet unapologetic track and get a feel for this rapper's talent.


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