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Hooray For Earth - True Loves (Cereal Spiller Remix)

Simply following Ronnie's latest post (writer of 'Indie Sabbath') which seemed to hype up the song "True Loves' by Hooray For Earth I deemed it only necessary to post a remix of the song! The remix I'm bringing you today is by Cereal Spillers and their video is truly fantastic. The remix takes the exciting energy out of the original track and gives it a more 'chill' sound that has some glitch hoppy electro layered on top. It even at one point goes as far as to call it dubstep? Yet throughout it still keeps the new 'chill' element to the remix. The video makes it even more superb by making bringing you through the whole universe in a never stopping 'lego way' of showing it to you. Enjoy the song and the video! I certainly did. Hope you like the remix Ronnie.

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