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Macklemore - The Town

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I love raunchy, cliche, radio hip hop as much as the next 17-year old. (Nope) But Macklemore is different. If you enjoy some substantial lyrical nutrition in your ears, you will welcome the thought-provoking, heartfelt and thoroughly tender words of this Seattle native emcee. While Macklemore has been in the local spotlight for a bit, his music is clearly surfacing broader airwaves. I appreciate tracks like "White Privilege" and I raised a good-natured brow at "And We Danced." But the track to check out is "The Town" -- Macklemore's videos are as vibrant and rich as his flow and you can tell he loves what he does with every fiber of his Irish being.

Macklemore - The Town

      The Town - Macklemore
Download: Macklemore - The Town

      Macklemore and Ryan Lewis - My Oh My
Download: Macklemore And Ryan Lewis - My Oh My

      Macklemore and Ryan Lewis - Wings
Download: Macklemore And Ryan Lewis - Wings




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