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D Spragge & S!C

D Spragge is an electro glitch house producer i've just recently found on Soundcloud. His sounds are very glitch-electroy and force me, almost without my own control, to turn up the volume I'm so induced by them. Amazing synth and very heavy sounds fluctuating that sounds like they've been thrown in a blender and came out as a deliciously sounding smoothie. His mashups are also worth checking out! He's part of a Duo called S!C (along with B Mac) which is the next best thing to D Spragge himself. Great stuff, hope you enjoy.

      Pirate Doug (the Sword Test Dummy)
Download: D Spragge - Pirate Doug (the Sword Test Dummy)

Some of S!C's work.

      Esoteric Malfunction
Download: S!C - Esoteric Malfunction

      Pmpasaurus R3X
Download: S!C - P!mpasaurus R3X

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