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Pikelet - Stem

Pikelet is one of those bands that you really just want to start throttling your junk too, I literally cannot get enough of these tracks, funny enough a Pikelet is defined as a thick pancake.. well I just want to shove that entire pancake into my mouth and the hell with chewing because this bad boy is just going to slide down my throat.

The Ambient, Psychedelic beat stink, stink lining from Melborne, Australia (ew) comprising solely of the brilliant mind of Evelyn "shitkicker" Morris and when in full form band Tarquin Manek, Shags Chamberlain and Matt Cox, but mostly just Evelyn "mainman" Morris.. These nicknames will just keep getting better!.. are currently running a grease fest tour of Australia:

29/08/10- Lyrical at NSC - Northcote, Vic, AUSTRALIA
17/08/10  - The National Hotel - Geelong, Vic, AUSTRALIA
18/09/10 - Curtin Bandroom  -Melbourne, VIc, AUSTRALIA
24/09/10 - ANU Bar - Canberra, ACT, AUSTRALIA
25/09/10 - Sydney, NSW, AUSTRALIA
26/09/10 -  Katoomba, NSW, AUSTRALIA
30/09/10 - The Spotted Cow Hotel - Toowoomba, QLD, AUSTRALIA
1/10/10 - Coolangatta Hotel - Gold Coast, QLD, AUSTRALIA
2/10/10 - The Clubhouse - Brisbane, QLD, AUSTRALIA

Ew, right? honestly the best thing coming out of Aussie since the punching Kangaroo you guys gotta listen and listen hard:

Download: Pikelet - Gameland

Download: Pikelet - Elbow Equals Bend

Thank you Evelyn "Chuck Norris" Morris > Told ya ;)

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Ambient · Psychedelic


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