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TGIF - Best Music Related Comedy Routine Ever [VIDEO][REPOST]

notfunnyHappy TGIF and since its Friday I thought it'd be nice to post something for a good laugh. Posted this a while back but it deserves to be reposted in case you missed it. This is one of the best comedy routines I've ever seen. I'm glad its all music related also. The comedian is Tommy Chunn and he hails from Detroit, Michigan. He has an amazing delivery yet he has went unknown in some larger communities. After this watching this performance; you wont forget his name. The video posted shows Tommy Chunn using every musical artist he knows to create this amazing story and using their names in a playful way to convey the story to the audience. So, what you should do is, watch the video and see how many artists, songs or musical references you can pick up from his routine.

Tommy Chunn



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