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Jay-Z - Run This Town (ft. Biggie & Drake) [Jus Bus Remix]

Let the remixes begin.. with the leak of Blueprint 3 and the official release of the album just around the corner, It was only a matter of time before the remixes started flowing. Heres one of the first remixes I came across, the Caribbean raised Jus Bus tackled "Run This Town".. resulting in a pretty dope outcome. Basically substituting Kanye and Rihanna for Biggie and Drake.. I'll take a Biggie verse over Rihanna any day.. obviously. Anyways, like I said, the outcome is pretty ill, the track stays heavy all the through, hopefully when more and more BP3 remixes drop they'll follow this trend.. check it out:

Download: Jay-z - Run This Town (feat. Biggie & Drake) (Jus Bun Remix)



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