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Bestrack - Sunset City EP [DEBUT + REMIXES]

Paris? Electro? It's Bestrack, and he's going to throw it down and shake it all about.

Is it 2006? Don't think so, and for some reason - it sounds so fresh. Maybe its just because its the one of the first new artists this year who's original production and remixable tracks that garner howitzer style rotation.

Punchy synthlines, smooth transients, silky vocals, and air-ride bass hooks make you cream for more. Bestrack has the production value of Ghosthustler (a big favourite of ours), but has the electro spin. That is, support from the community for the dirtiest mixes I've herd in awhile.

Bestrack's debut EP has just hit the shelves of itunes and beatport and has already gotten heavy flow in my rotation.

Bestrack - Sunset City EP

1. With You
2. Wishmaker
3. Do It All Night
4. Wishmaker (Louis La Roche Reconstruction)
5. With You (Justin Faust Remix)

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So listen to the tracks below and enjoy having your toofs kicked in like it was 2006.

      Wishmaker (Indiscreet Remix)
Download: Bestrack - Wishmaker (Indiscreet Remix)

      Oh Snap
Download: Bestrack - Oh Snap

      Do It All Night
Download: Bestrack - Do It All Night

      Wishmaker (Worship Remix)
Download: Bestrack - Wishmaker (Worship Remix)

      Into the Groove (Bestrack Remix)
Download: Madonna - Into the Groove (Bestrack Remix)

      Spirit Of The Night (Bestrack Remix)
Download: Tesla Boy - Spirit Of The Night (Bestrack Remix)

      Do It All Night (Digikid84 Remix)
Download: Bestrack - Do It All Night (Digikid84 Remix)

      With You (Justin Faust Remix)
Download: Bestrack - With You (Justin Faust Remix)

      Take My Hand (Bestrack Remix)
Download: Night Riders - Take My Hand (Bestrack Remix)

      Ritual Action (Bestrack _Fecondity_ Remix)
Download: WORSHIP - Ritual Action (Bestrack "Fecondity" Remix)

      Rocksteady in the night (Bestrack Remix)
Download: Digikid84 - Rocksteady in the night (Bestrack Remix)

      Wishmaker (Louis La Roche Reconstruction)
Download: Bestrack - Wishmaker (Louis La Roche Reconstruction)

      Exuberance (Bestrack Remix)
Download: Synthesis One - Exuberance (Bestrack Remix)

      Bestrack - With You
Download: Bestrack - With You

      RIP MEAT (Bestrack Remix)
Download: Trippple Nippples - RIP MEAT (Bestrack Remix)

      Rapture (Bestrack Remix)
Download: DatA - Rapture (Bestrack Remix)



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